Some of Direct Aid achievements from 1981- 2013:

  • Financially support more than 2,000 teachers.
  • Raise and support more than 70,000 orphans.
  • College scholarships for more than 7,775 students.
  • Constructing and operating four hospitals.
  • Constructing and operating 260 medical clinics.
  • Building and administering 260 schools from kindergarten until high school.
  • Building more than 5,094 mosques in different African countries.
  • Digging more than 18,568 of surface and artesian wells to those in need of clean water.
  • Founding 10 radio broadcasting stations in Africa and producing radio shows in 17 African countries.
  • Building and administering 36 religious institutes.
  • Execute more than 1,504 health programs (surgery camps-eyes camps-vaccination campaign-circumcision-medical caravan).
  • Sending 550,000 tons of aids، medicines، food and clothes.
  • founding development projects 8,586 for the benefit of the poor families.
  • Building and administering 63 training centers for women.
  • Building and administering three universities with various academic majors.
  • Establishing several air relief bridges to convey the urgent aids to the areas of drought and poverty throughout the African countries.
  • 6577 employees work for Direct Aid, 182 of those reside in Kuwait and the rest in Yemen and African countries.

Direct Aid at the international level:

  • A member at the United Nations -  Social, Economic and Consultant Council.
  • Having diplomatic immunity in several states pursuant to agreements with the ministries of foreign affairs in these states.

Awards and Certificates Direct Aid Society:

  • Second place in the Forbes Award Middle East 2011 non profitable organizations, for Transparency.
  • First place in the Kuwait e-Award competition for the best site in town 2012.