The Direct Aid Association condole the people of Kuwait and charitable work for the martyrdom of Grand Mosques’ Imam Dr. Walid Alali and Sheikh Fahd Al-Husseini by an armed terrorist attack in Burkina Faso.

The chairman of the Direct Aid Association – Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Muhailan – said: “We condole the people of Kuwait on this grave incident that affected Kuwaiti charity work, but our condolences that the deceased martydomed for good.” Dr. Al-Muhailan praised the follow-up of His Highness Sheikh Subah Al-Ahmad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the martyrdom accident of Dr. Walid Alali and Sheikh Fahd Al-Husseini, and His Highness keenness to send royal plane to bring their bodies.

He pointed out that this painful accident confirms that Kuwaiti charitable work is not far from the dangers of Africa, but spreading good in these poor countries and delivering it to the needy is always stronger in the hearts of those who are doing it than those terrorist acts that seek to cut the good hand extended to the poor.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Muhailan cited Dr. Abdul Rahman Hamoud Al-Sumait – may Allah have mercy on him – who said that I live in order to save my brothers in the black continent and I die for that. He pointed out that in this accident, the blood of “Heritage Revival Association” preachers mixed with the blood of “Direct Aid Association” workers, as a member of the Direct Aid Association was injured but Allah saved him from this painful accident, we wish him speedy recovery.

Dr. Al-Muhailan emphasized that the Office of Direct Aid and its employees stand together with our brothers in Heritage Revival Association in this great casualty, offering condolences to the martyrs’ families and to Kuwaiti charity workers, praying for Allah to accept them with martyrs and dwell them with prophets and righteous.