Direct Aid Association’s tour to support education in Africa

Dr. Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Muhailan – Chairman of the Board of Direct Aid Association – finished an important visit to several African countries to sign agreements and holding coordination meetings in order to develop educational facilities and Direct Aid educational projects.
Dr. Al-Muhailan stated that the first of these efforts was in Kenya to sign an agreement with the African Endowment […]

Direct aid: 1,700 million dinars for “Arafa Center” in Chad

During a four-hour public campaign

The Direct Aid Association announced the collection of 1,700 million dinars in “Arafa Center” campaign held last week in cooperation with Mohammed Al-Hussainan, known as “Q8ping” under the supervision of Ministry of Affairs. It was supposed to be 12 hours campaign, but it exceeds all the expectations and collected the amount in just 4 hours, […]

Acknowledgment from the International University of Africa to Direct Aid

Acknowledgment from the International University of Africa to Direct Aid for allocating its sacrifices to it 2017

The Direct Aid Association received an acknowledgement from the International University of Africa in Sudan for implementing a part of the sacrifices’ project for the benefit of dormitory students. The acknowledgement included commendation for sacrifices’ quality, implementation speed and delivery, which left a […]

Al-Muhailan: We condole ourselves and the people of Kuwait for the martyrdom of Dr. Walid Alali and Sheikh Fahd Al-Husseini

The Direct Aid Association condole the people of Kuwait and charitable work for the martyrdom of Grand Mosques’ Imam Dr. Walid Alali and Sheikh Fahd Al-Husseini by an armed terrorist attack in Burkina Faso.

The chairman of the Direct Aid Association – Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Muhailan – said: “We condole the people of Kuwait on this grave incident that affected […]

The Direct Aid concluded Ramadan with good humanitarian achievements

The Direct Aid Society concluded the holy month of Ramadan with good humanitarian achievements that contribute to highlighting the wonderful humanitarian aspect of our country Kuwait, which has made it a symbol of giving and charity spreading the meanings of happiness and joy.

The Society’s achievements during the month included distributing 3.5 million meals to the poor and the needy. […]

certificate of Recognition for Direct Aid

The governmental water department in Ethiopia presented to Direct Aid Society a certificate of Recognition as appreciation for their distinguished performance and the effective contribution of Direct Aid Society.

Through this certificate of recognition, the governmental water department has reiterated its appreciation to the valuable role and support of Direct Aid Society in the implementation of well drilling projects and […]

Today, we celebrate with one of the fundamental members of Direct Aid Society, Mrs.

Maali Al Assousi – Director of the Society’s Office in Yemen

Today, Direct Aid Society celebrates the winning of Mrs. Maali Al-Assousi, Director of the Society’s Office in Yemen with the title of Hope Maker within The Hope Makers Initiative launched by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Dubai. Mrs. Maali Al-Assousi was selected from between 65 thousand Hope […]

Press Release: Launching the Cash Payment Service

The Direct Aid has added a new service to the donors, visitors of the Direct Aid branches, which is a cash donation device that allows the donor to contribute to any of the Direct Aid projects and to pay the donation in any monetary category.

This addition comes in the framework of the Aid Society’s efforts to raise the level […]

Commitment of “Direct Aid” Contributed to Raising 2.5 million KD for Somalia

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor praised the performance of Direct Aid Society in its campaign for the relief of brothers in Somalia from famine and its commitment through which 2.518 million KD was raised paid by 67 thousand donors, about 95% of them are individuals inside Kuwait and 5% from abroad.

The Director of Charities Department in the […]

Thank you …

Today, another year full of achievements and accomplishments made by the Direct Aid Society comes to end. Such achievements represent the great evidence on the great positive effect made by Direct Aid Society in 2016. This year is a great addition to the Society achievements whereas by the end of this year 2016, Direct Aid Society completed its 36 […]

An interview with the Director General of Direct Aid

Direct aid performs its work through specific strategy and clear vision that aim at fighting the  poverty , ignorance and disease.  Using all its capabilities and available means, Direct Aid strives for building a new generation of  African youth who build and  improve their homeland to be self -  independent and get rid of relaying on the foreign aid […]

Direct Aid Society implements a specialized surgical camp in Burkina Faso

45 Surgical Operations and it aims at training local surgeons

Direct Aid Society has concluded the surgical camp set up by it in the State of Burkina Faso throughout the period from 23rd May to 28th May 2016. This was in the framework of Direct Aid Society’s strategy for supporting the poor patients and relieving their sufferings in addition to […]

Direct Aid society opens a drinking water station in center of Sudan

The Kuwaiti Direct Aid Society opened drinking water station on this Monday in the town of (Al-Baniah) in state of (North Kordofan) central Sudan with a total estimated cost of $ 96,300.

The representative of the state of (North Kordofan) Al-Fatih Zain El Abidin in his speech during the opening ceremony, expressed his appreciation for the good people of Kuwait […]

Presented by Dr. ALOMAR, upon the attendance of charity and human organizations and establishments

“Direct Aid Society” with the cooperation of Bin Dayel chair: discussion seminar about indicators of measuring the Waqf performance in paying the returns and the investment returns.

Direct Aid society with the cooperation of Bin Dayel chair – Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, held a discussion seminar about the degree of using the various indicators to measure […]

Direct Aid society concludes its Ramadan campaign

With a cost of three millions Iftar meals, Zakat, expiations, and an attracting media success.

Direct Aid society concluded its Ramadan campaign for the year 2016, which included many different activities in most of the African countries in which the society works as giving fast breaking meals and distributing the donation of expiation and ALFITR Zakat and regulating ALKHARAFI Holly […]

Cooperation between the General Secretariat of Awqaf and Direct Aid

For Supporting the Project of the Society of Transferring Potable Water in Somalia,

In a cooperation between the General Secretariat of Awqaf and the Society of Direct Aid, the Secretariat provided the Society with a sum of 13600 Kuwaiti Dinars in order to support the project of the Society of transferring potable water in Somalia. This project includes establishing 200 […]

Direct Aid Distributed Dates in Mogadishu and its Suburbs

Benefited by 700 Families

Within its relief activities carried out in the African countries, the Direct Aid Society distributed a container of dates in the city of Mogadishu and its suburbs in Somalia, where a large number of displaced people and needy families are stationed.

700 families have benefited from the campaign, and they were selected from camps for the displaced. […]

In its Statement for the Third Anniversary of his Death

Direct Aid:
-The Late Al Sumait is a high point in charity work in Kuwait and the world.
- Every day, the works of the Late grows and prospers, leaving behind a legacy of sustained charity.
- Large institutions funded by states and organizations, fail to carry out the achievements of the Late.
- Sincere intention, organized work and the interaction of good […]

President of Djibouti’s Parliament visited “Direct Aid Society” and Praised What is Offered by the Society to African continent

•    Hamad: We hope to expand the work of the Society in Djibouti and our parliament is ready to provide all facilities.
•    Al-Zamil: We focus on African countries, the most in need of some projects and various aid in terms of education, health and other development projects.
•    Al-Sumait: What is offered by Direct Aid Society is in line with […]

Direct Aid launches third free medical camp in Yemeni Ibb

To remove the white water and planting lenses

Yemeni office launches at the Direct Aid Society, “The third free medical Alnoor camp ” to remove the white water and planting lenses” on Monday, August 1, 2016 in the governorate of Ibb. The camp will be implemented by “Medical Compassion Institution” with finance by “Islamic Welfare Society”, and Ahmad Khaled Mosaed […]