We have successfully digging the foundations and building exterior walls and interior columns to install the roof.

Projects to build mosques of projects of interest to the Assembly because of its great impact to achieve the objectives of the Islamic Call and the dissemination of values ​​and principles of the net for pure Muslims and new converts .

This Masjid, this area covers the surrounding villages where there is no mosque for Friday prayers , and we thank God Almighty, then hands the white stones
We have provided to our brothers and Oharnahm trouble the way the extent of our interest in them and our commitment to good care.

Direct Aid Society is keen to inform donors valued inhabitants and a project to build a mosque goodness first hand , where the email was sent to everyone who contributed to the construction of the mosque , as the email will be sent the final report to donors immediately upon completion of the project.

Project Data

Project Type: Mosque good
Location: Mauritania
Total area : 200 square meters +3 toilets
Cost: 16500 KD
Number of donors : 494 donor