Praise be to God, in which good works are done by his grace. Direct Aid Society has begun to dig the largest projects of wells in the State of Mauritania. It is an artesian well with a big tank placed on a tower.

It contains tools and solar energy equipment. It also has the water extensions that covers the needs of the entire village and nearby villages. By the completion of this project, we meet the needs of the poor and the needy and the sick from the water in which they were trying to get over long distances and they were standing in long queues and they did not often have clean or valid water to drink.

Direct Aid Society is interested in introducing the respected donors about these projected so it has sent an email to everyone involved in this project. Also, the Society will keep communicating with donors by a final report after the completion of the entire project.

Project Data

Project Type: Al Khair Well

Country: Mauritania

Specifications of the well: Artesian wells + tank + Tower + Solar + extensions

Cost: 23000 KD

Number of donors: 876 donor