Benefited by 700 Families

Within its relief activities carried out in the African countries, the Direct Aid Society distributed a container of dates in the city of Mogadishu and its suburbs in Somalia, where a large number of displaced people and needy families are stationed.

700 families have benefited from the campaign, and they were selected from camps for the displaced. Dates were distributed to 300 families in the Hidaya Center by 8 kg for each family, 200 families of Suhaidah Center by 4 kg for each family and 200 families in Salgha Center by 4 kg for each family The total quantity of distribution reached 4 tons of dates.

The campaign was highly welcomed by the beneficiaries who have expressed their thanks and appreciation for the generous benefactor who sent the container through the Direct Aid Society. They praised the diverse and numerous humanitarian charity work carried out by the Society in Somalia and other African countries.