Direct Aid Society has recently implemented a relief campaign for refugees from the
Central African Republic on the borders with Chad, where the campaign visited the
refugee camps in “Doaaba” and “Sar”, the subsidiaries of the governorate of “Middle
Chari” the borderline governorate with Central African Republic and it distributed on the
harmed families food basket consisting of the main materials such as rice, flour, milk,
sugar and oil.

The campaign helped more than 10500 people displaced to the Chadian borders escaping
from the expectation of civil war looming over Central African Republic a few months ago.

The campaign was implemented in full coordination with the government authorities in
Chad where the officials of the campaign met with the Minister of Social Affairs, the
Governor of the state and a number of government officials who welcomed the members
of the campaign and they facilitated their access to refugee camps. They thanked them
very much for the large humanitarian aids offered by Direct Aid Society in all African
countries and they expressed their deep gratitude to the Kuwaiti generous people.

The campaign was well covered by the local media in Chad, which praised the
humanitarian role played by the Direct Aid Society, describing it as “the only organization
that was able to help the refugees at large quantities of food directly and without any
mediation” amid a remarkable absence of humanitarian world organizations.

One of the unfortunate and lamentable views narrated by members of the campaign was
their counting for more than 500 children fleeing to the refugee camps escaping from the
hell of civil war in Central African Republic while they did not know anything about the fate
of their families left behind. Also, a large proportion of refugees were children, women,
widows, the elderly and the disabled. Many of those children have been subjected to large
physical abuse in which some of them had their limbs cut, some of them were severely
beaten and others had serious injuries.