Within the past year 2014, Direct Aid sent more than 26 containers for 15 African countries included more than 30 different kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, foodstuff, medical equipment, medicines, textiles, clothing, office and home furniture and many others with a total reached to 80,000 different pieces.

The in kind donations and containers are considered part of the vital activities of the Direct Aid Society which vary to include clothing, medical equipment, furniture, teaching aids and many others whether used or new ones that benefits the poor and needy in the African continent through the various activities carried out by the Society. The Society classifies these donations and stores them by qualified human cadre to take advantage of them and then resending them to the field offices in 30 African countries according to the needs of each.

These in kind donations are considered important source of Direct Aid’s relief sources in emergencies and times of crisis in the African continent, whereas the Society sends relief containers that contain many types of food and medical supplies, clothing, blankets, tents and other things that benefit affected in the flood-stricken areas and refugees in areas of armed conflicts.

Within the past year, Direct Aid Society also benefited of those donations in providing the urgent relief aids. These donations include food, medical supplies and clothing that were sent to refugees displaced by armed conflict.

Moreover, in the Central African and Somalia and other countries, other aids used in implementing some important projects as giant drilling that were sent for the implementation of the project “springs of life” in Niger for drilling 100 artesian wells. Some other people are benefited from the aids in the establishment of vocational training centers for young girls such as computers and machinery sewing. Among the significant in kind donations which also benefited the field offices the motorcycle and bikes that are sent to the field preachers by which they travel hundreds of kilometers in very difficult circumstances and nature varies between the bush and swamps to reach to the forgotten people in the jungles of Africa to call them for worshipping The Almighty Allah.