Direct Aid has congratulated Kuwait people on the occasion of the anniversary of honoring His Highness Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah by United Nation Organization by choosing him as a humanitarian leader and choosing beloved Kuwait as an international humanitarian center. In a press statement, Direct Aid said ” This historical event is a medal of pride and honor for the Kuwaiti charitable work and an evidence on the universality and professionalism of Kuwait people in exporting good, giving and love to the whole world peoples”
“On this occasion, Direct Aid directs the best congratulations and blessings to His Highness Emir of our beloved country”, Direct Aid added, assuring that ” This title is worth to His Highness Emir of Humanity whose actions stand as a clear witness on that, wherever a human crisis occurred, a refugee complained or a wounded felt painful due to a war, crisis or persecution”.

Direct Aid has blessed Kuwait people for the anniversary of choosing Kuwait as an international humanitarian center saying:” It is not strange for kind Kuwait with its generous people to become “an international humanitarian center” according to the testimony of United Nation. Kuwait People, since earlier, are known for charitable deeds. They don’t save effort in rescuing the affected and no one precedes them in rescuing the needy. Its people always support their fellows in the course of days’ events and accidents”
” participations of His Highness Emir in the charitable deeds and humanitarian aids are witnessed clearly by us as a chartable societies as the white hands of His Highness Emir , thanks to Allah, have reached everywhere in the world. The aids provided by His Highness have included the needy and the poor, whether in far or near places, even reaching the farthest places in Africa. We, in Direct Aid, have the honor of the support provided by His Highness for many projects carried out by Direct Aid in 30 African Stat”, Direct Aid explained.

Direct Aid has concluded its statements by stressing the leading role played by Kuwait in the Kuwaiti chartable work through long and extended partnerships of cooperation with the regional and international organizations and institutions involved in the Humanitarian field.