Throughout the days of Eid Al-Adha, Direct Aid Society distributed about 41143 sacrificial animals “Udhiyyah” to more than 740 thousands persons from 123429 families. The society has implemented the project of Udhiyyah fully and directly through its field offices spread in 30 African countries.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Sumait, General Director of Direct Aid Society, has confirmed in a press release that this year has witnessed a great success in the Udhiyyah season. The actual cost of the project has reached KD 909816 as this refers to the donors’ trust and credibility in Direct Aid Society itself and its works.

Al-Sumaith as explained that the society’s aim behind thisproject istomeetthe poor families’ needswhotastethe meatonlyat such events. The society is workingon introducing the joy and delight to the hearts oforphans, widows and people with special needsas this has a great effect on them at these blessed days.

He added: We distribute each sacrificial animal “Udhiyyah” to three families with average of 6 persons in each families and thus number of beneficiaries of one sacrificial animal reaches to 18 persons.

On this occasion, Al-Sumait expressed Direct Aid’s thankful and gratitude to the valued donors on their confidence and continued support of projects and efforts made by Direct Aidlike slaughtering & distributing the Udhiyyah (sacrificial animals), Eid gifts to orphans, sponsoring the pilgrims (Hajjis) and making the Iftar project in addition to theircontinuousinteraction withall projects proposed by Direct Aid Society including educational, developmental and health projects implemented throughout the year in order to reduce levels of ignorance, poverty anddiseasein the African countries.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Sumait has narrated some of the most influential situations which received to theSocietyon the tongue of officers of the field officesinAfrica, saying: “Some of neighbors of“Al-FaroukCenter” in the city of “Sokodei, Togo are still coming to place where the sacrificial animals slaughtered for finding a piece of leather or anything else remaining so that they can take”. Moreover, manager of Direct Aid’s Office located in Togo said that the Amir of “Bandida” village in “Kara” province, who belongs to the tribe of AlKabieh, has entered into Islam when we performed the Udhiyyah project in his village. Also, one of the youthin his villagehas entered into Islam. I would like to bring you good news that new converts are still coming from all our field offices either Gentiles or Christians who witnessed the implementation of Udhiyyah project in their villages and saw the mutual love and mercy between Muslims in the day of Eid. Accordingly, we pass our congratulationsto our honored donors for the rewards will be granted to them as we ask Almighty Allah tomake this part of their good deeds.

Al-Sumait has finished his statement saying: “I would like toconveyto our valueddonorsthe good wishes of the orphans, widows and the poor in addition to all other needy people who were benefited from this blessed project and whom any of them confirmed that they did nottaste the meatfor several months. Some of them said that they are waiting for these sacrificial animals of Eid Al-Adha each year. We wish Almighty Allah bless your money and families and rewards you the best for your good deeds toyour brothers in Africa.