The field office of Direct Aid Society in the Republic of “Benin” achieved upgrade to its status from a non-governmental organization to an international organization with diplomatic status, giving the Society a lot of privileges such as the full customs discharge for the containers, vehicles and materials of various projects carried out by the office in Benin.

The new status of the Society in Benin also has facilitated to obtain work permits required for the office and the Islamic centers belonging to it and the renewal of residence of staff working inside it.

On this occasion, the Foreign Minister of Benin Arefara Baku Nassirou received in his office the director of the office of Direct Aid Society in Benin, Hamid Alabesoda where the agreement was signed by the two parties. The meeting and the signing ceremony were broadcast by the official television of the state and its news was published in the local newspapers.

In a good sign of Kuwait’s ambassador to the Republic of Benin Fayez Mishari Al Jassim, he suggested to the director of the Office of Direct Aid in Benin to direct an invitation to the Foreign Minister of Benin and ambassadors of foreign countries in Benin to spend the day at “Alsafwaf Center” (one of the five integrated centers belonging to the Direct Aid Society in Benin) to identify the achievemnents of the Society in the fields of health, education, relief and patronage of orphans and development projects, and to highlight the leading role of Kuwait in charity work in the African continent, and the office is setting arrangements for this day.

The Benin Office is not the only one of the field offices of the Direct Aid Society in Africa which gets diplomatic status. It has been preceded by a lot of other offices in this matter.

Moreover, the Benin Office has a lot of achievements thanks to Almighty God and to the support of the good people of the beloved Kuwait. Benin Office alone sponsors about 750 orphans and dozens of preachers and scholars in various disciplines. It has five Islamic integrated centers having schools for all levels of education where many doctors, engineers, imams and preachers graduated, many of whom held senior positions in the state. In addition to schools, it includes a number of clinics, orphanages and sewing workshops and vocational training centers and grain mills and computer learning centers.

It is noteworthy that the policy of the Direct Aid Society in keeping quality of education outcomes has had the greatest impact on schools of “Direct Aid” which managed to get advanced positions at the level of the African countries it involved in.