“The Direct Aid Society office in Sudan has carried out the Annual Iftar Saim Project in which more than 15000 persons have benefited from it distributed on 8500 families in several cities and villages in the province of Kortom, South, West Kardefan and the Island”. This was in a press declaration by Dr /Abdullah Al Sumait, the General Manager of the Direct Aid Society for the Kuwaiti press agency “Kona”.

Al Sumait Added that the Annual Iftar Saim Project carried out by the Direct Aid Society in 33 African countries this year included cooked meals from the food of the inhabitants and also dry meals ( food basket) consisting of (10 Kg of flour – 10 Kg of sugar -45 liter of Oil –lentils- dates-2 pound of roselle juice.

Al Sumait concluded his speech saying “Our projects in Sudan in the last times not only include the seasonal projects such as Iftar Saim Project but the society also established two hospitals, two schools, two water stations in the province of “Alktareef ” “Kasla” in the East Sudan . These projects come under promise by the Direct Aid Society in the Donors Conference held in Kuwait in December 2010 in which the Society promised to offer about 5 Million dollars for development of East Sudan”.