Educational Projects

Thanks to your support, more than one million students in Africa have benefited from Direct Aid educational programs. It also provides more than 700 high-studies scholarships annually.
Every year, more than 30,000 students study at universities and colleges run by Direct Aid.

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Health Projects

Direct Aid has established and managed 4 hospitals, 296 clinics, 2419 camps and health programs. It also sent 590,000 tons of medical aids.

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Water Projects

More than 20,000 surface and artesian wells have been drilled and we are seeking to complete the strategic project – life springs’ wells – which aims to dig 200 artesian wells in Niger in addition to water projects in other African countries.

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Al-Khair.. Near to you

Your support for the site’s projects contributed to the development of Direct Did Association’s website for a newer version that supports donations through smart devices. We are working hard on continuous and non-stop development.

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