Since 1981, with your noble hands, you sowed the seeds to start a human and charity work in Africa. Therefore, thanks to Allah then your support, Allah has guided us to save hundreds of thousands of humans from the death in the famous famine 1984/1985 and other famines. You managed to save orphans and poor people from the streets who may fall under hungry one day or two days. You provide them with the means of noble life and you simplify the education for them to graduate after years as physicians, engineers, instructors and lawyers. Some of them held high positions.

The street was a shelter for hundreds of children, therefore you built the schools. You have also trained thousands of widows who didn’t know the taste of the noble life and you provide them with the sewing machines, therefore their life has been changed to the best,…….. Etc.

Whenever we go in Africa, we see your charity fingerprints. You do not need our thanks because lord of heavens and earth know what you have done. Congratulations for Africa for your support and giving.

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