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Directaid gets the gold medal in the child international competition for photography

Directaid Society , with charity message ,was established since three contracts  . Since this time, Directaid continues in distinction  the various fields.  In the field  of information technology , the website of Directaid has got the first center  from the electronic branch in Kuwait Electronic prize which was organized under the  sponsorship of the Emir of the country Sheikh  /  Sabah  Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah may Allah protect him.

It is an Arabic Society in the completion of Forbes Magazine 2050 . At the transparent level,   Directaid has got the second position in the Arab World in the Middle East for transparency in its second circle in the charity societies list which are more transparent in the Arab World.

In the field of authenticating the charity work in Africa, Chairman Dr. Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Mehelan has announced that Directaid society was keen, since its establishment, on accessing the needy in the  disastrous areas despite of the far distances and difficult roads. Directaid team  conducts the field work including providing the assistances directly to the needy with not intermediate while a side of the team members of  those specialized in photography  shall  perform the task of authenticating the rescue work and convey a real image embodying the volume of suffering facing millions in Africa. […]

“Direct Aid” continues the way of goodness through the completion of the project of resettlement of the displaced people in Somalia

“Direct Aid” continues the way of goodness through the completion of the project of resettlement of the displaced people in Somalia and this is to complete what Direct Aid started of famine relief that befell on Somalia. There are 5000 families benefited from this project. The project has established the principle of self-reliance through work in the development projects in the fields of agriculture and livestock after survivors of famine return to their villages.

Chairman of the board of directors in Direct Aid Society, Abdulrahman Saleh Mahalan announced about the successfully concluding of the process of resettlement of displaced persons in Somalia, where the project was the biggest challenge after the famine crisis, which targeted resettlement of 5000 afflicted families which displaced from their villages, as well as the revival of thousands of hectares of afflicted agricultural land after being hit by drought and famine.

Dr/ Mahalan said that: “The project is aimed at helping families who were displaced from areas afflicted by the drought State of Somalia, where it helped return 5,000 of displaced families to their villages, and provided supplies necessary for living and development projects to help them work and production and stability, where it was re-create thousands of hectares of agricultural lands after their fertility and death and configured this land for planting and establishing the principle of self-reliance through providing the returned families with development projects in the fields of agriculture and livestock and transport vehicles.

Mahalan added that: “due to suspension of rain for four consecutive seasons, hunger crisis occurred in Somalia in 2011 and its results were disastrous, after death of agricultural crops and death of livestock and this led to the displacement of large numbers of villagers to camps set up in the cities within Somalia and into camps set up in neighboring countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia, and displaced people began to face difficult living conditions referring that ” to help the displaced and mitigate their bad conditions, Direct Aid Society moved to lend a hand to help them with the help of good people in the State of Kuwait and when things improved after rainfall, the families were returned to their original villages and necessary provisions and assistance were provided to them to resettle them and this was conducted under the patronage and funding of Zakat House in the State of Kuwait.

Mahalan discussed that “Direct Aid” in its report for this project stated that “the number of families benefiting from the distribution of agricultural water pumps within this project has reached 2500 families, and about 2250 families has also benefited from projects of livestock where the society bought 11250 head of sheep and distributed them by giving five sheep per family to rehabilitate the profession of livestock, the second source of livelihood after agriculture in the villages to support the rehabilitation of families to work and production. […]

Distribution of 30 thousands sacrifices in 28 African countries

Kuwaiti Society of “Direct Aid” plans to distribute 30 thousand sacrifices in 28 African countries.

The Kuwaiti Society of “Direct Aid” announced its intention to distribute 30 thousand sacrifices in 28 African countries within the project of sacrifices this year in order to activate the principles of social solidarity and the revival of this blessed ritual to meet the needs of poor families in those countries.
Dr. Abdul Rahman Mahalan, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society argued that the Society is acting on behalf of the donor to buy the sacrifice and slaughter it, and that there is endowment related to the sacrifices which will be placed on the stock market by the Society in which one share of the endowment is estimated at 300 Dinars. Some of revenue of this endowment will be used for the implementation of this project of sacrifices in addition there is cash donation for the sacrifice with an amount between 50 to 160 Dinars.

D. Abdul Rahman Al-Muhailan: Winning of «Direct Aid» is a medal of pride we offer as a gift for all the people in Kuwait

I thank Almighty Allah who made us one of the pioneers involved in charity work.
Chairman of Board of Directors of Direct Aid Society, Dr. Abdul Rahman Saleh Al-Muhailan announced about the winning of the Society with the second position throughout the Arab countries during the competition of the magazine «Forbes Middle East» in which 61 Arab charity out of 2050 in the list of «the most transparent charities in the Arab world» have participated and this competition has been organized for the second consecutive year.
He stressed that the winning of Society by the second position is a pride for employees of the Society, and is a pride for the State of Kuwait and its good people. He added: our winning has been achieved because of the transparency of the Society in its dealings and in its accounts at the level of charities in the Arab world, and this is what we have been accustomed on by our ideal in this regard, Sheikh Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait. We ask Allah for keeping his health and wellness and his recovery from his illness and to support us in this great work.

Direct Aid one of the most transparent charities in the Arab world

For the second consecutive year, Forbes Middle East has prepared a list of ‘The Most Transparent Charities in the MENA Region.’ Following the success of last year’s ranking, Forbes Middle East has once again taken the opportunity to highlight the great achievements and charitable work carried out by a wide range of charitable organizations, with the highest degree of transparency.
61 charitable organizations from different countries across the MENA region feature in this ranking, and their contributions to society will be celebrated in style through an award ceremony that will take place during an evening of Ramadan festivities hosted by Forbes Middle East on 23rd July 2012 at the Meydan Hotel, Dubai.
Founders and representatives of a wide range of charities from across the Arab world, along with top executives from companies interested in supporting transparent charitable causes will attend this Suhour event.

More than 22 thousand Yemeni families benefiting from the direct aid campaign

The Direct Aid Society has begun its campaign for wide food relief in the Republic of Yemen for more than 22 thousands Yemeni families and children with attendance of the Kuwait ambassador in Sana’a, Fahd Saad Almeie and both of Jasim Mohammed Al- Rabei and Bader Al-Safran, the delegates of the Direct Aid Society in State of Kuwait for […]

Direct Aid are executing the project “Sponsoring Poor Student” in Africa

Within the care of Direct Aid Society previously (Africa Muslims Committee) to achieve its strategic goal in spreading knowledge specially among the children who are deprived from Education in Africa and promoting this big continent, and in line with this vision, the committee has lunched the project “Sponsoring Poor Student” for philanthropists as there are more than 45 million deprived children from education in Africa because of the bad economic circumstances which the black continent suffer from. The committee is aiming with all its strength at graduating educated and cultured generation and save it from ignorance, hanger and illness to move it towards Science and knowledge.
In this regard, Dr. Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Muhailan, Chairman of Board of Directors has announced in a press that the committee is aiming through the project “Sponsor Poor Student” at educating ( 100 Thousand children) who were deprived because of their bad economic circumstances, as this big project is based upon establishing school, teacher, subjects and also meals adding to the previous a subvention presented to the father of the child in order to enable his sons to complete their education carefully.
Al-Muhailan stated that the committee assumes the responsibility of building private model schools for this reason especially in remote villages and working on managing, operating and providing these schools with teaching staff, subjects and all its supplies from instruments, books, leaflets, and meals for children and also the material side for the child’s father. The committee also keen on reaching the best scientific outcome stating that contribution in sponsoring this project can be through sponsoring poor student with 10 K.D monthly through the website of the Direct Aid Society, Al-Muhailan valued the interaction of philanthropists in Kuwait and their good interaction with the Direct Aid Society as their medical efforts and white hands has reached all countries of the world that present material and intellectual relief for the poor and the needy hoping their prominent support in activating this charitable blessed project.

“Direct Aid” provides humanitarian aids to refugees in Mali

Direct Aid Society has declared for presenting a humanitarian aids and food for relief of refugees from Mali on the borders with Mauritania.
Direct Aid Society explained that the humanitarian aids which it began in presenting since the mid of March of refugees from the Republic of Mali on the border with Mauritania contributed to the relief of more than 40 thousand refugees, most of them are women and children and the elderly people who congregate in camps supervised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
Concerning the size and quality of humanitarian aids, the Society referred to the fact that it presented as the first aid about 36 tons of food (including 24 tons of rice and 8 tons of sugar and 4 tons of oil).
The Society hastened in its intervention to help the Malian refugees on the border of Mauritania through its field office there, which followed the events since they happened and it made a collection of data on the size of the crisis and the places where the refugees go and their numbers and then the Society made some preliminary estimates on the size and quality of humanitarian aids required.

At the inauguration of the Fifth Forum of Offices’ Managers of Direct Aid Society in Africa

The sponsor of the inauguration of the ceremony Dr. Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi Secretary-General of Secretariat Public of Awqaf confirmed that “Kuwait was characterized between the countries of the world by introducing charity”, this came during the inauguration of the fifth field Forum of the Direct Aid Society, which included all field office managers and accountants in 30 African countries.
Dr. Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi also in his speech praised on this occasion on the Kuwaiti charity and the efforts of Direct Aid Society in African countries, and he praised on the choice of elements of the Forum organized by the Direct Aid Society this year under the guise of “For Effective Management,” and he explained that the effective administration for the charitable work is really the first guarantee for the delivery of donations to the beneficiaries in the best way.

Society Delegation Reviewed The Leading Experience of State of Kuwait In Caring of Orphans

The Direct Aid Society declared its participation with a delegation in the works of the Arab Conference for orphans, which was held in Khartoum on 13 and 14 February, with an initiative of Zubair Charity Foundation and under the banner of God’s words: “They ask thee about orphans Say repair them is good,” and sponsored by the Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and under the supervision of Secretary of Care and Social Security, the virtuous princess.
The Society is represented by a delegation that included in its membership the Director of Social Administration in the Society, Jassem Mohammad Alrabei and from the office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Shahab Ahmed Shihab. […]