•    Hamad: We hope to expand the work of the Society in Djibouti and our parliament is ready to provide all facilities.
•    Al-Zamil: We focus on African countries, the most in need of some projects and various aid in terms of education, health and other development projects.
•    Al-Sumait: What is offered by Direct Aid Society is in line with its goals and vision of eradicating scourge of poverty, ignorance and disease in African societies.

Within his official visit to Kuwait, President of Djibouti’s parliament Mohammad Ali Hamad, the Ambassador Mohammad Ali Mo’men and their accompanying delegation made a goodwill visit to the headquarter of Direct Aid Society. They were received by a member of the Board of Directors, Treasurer Faisal Abdulaziz Al-Zamil and General Director Dr. Abdullah Al-Sumait and a number of officials of the Society.

On this occasion, Al-Zamil welcomed the guest and his accompanying delegation, wishing them a pleasant stay and successful visit to the State of Kuwait and the Direct Aid Society. Al-Zamil said that the Society Focused more attention on the Countries that are in a bad need to some projects and various aid in terms of education, health and some other development project that support infrastructure with high quality and fast accomplish to achieve the goal of these projects. In addition to vigorous follow to the stages of setting up these projects, and the control and audit that are necessary, to adjust the expenses and budgets allocated to each facility or project.

The guest and his entourage listened to a brief explanation through a visual show of the emergence of the Society and its various activities and projects in the African continent by the General Director D. Abdullah Al-Sumait, who stressed that the Society has focused its work and projects in accordance with the four pillars. The first is education and the fight against illiteracy, where the number of schools built and operated reached 260 schools, and (3) universities. They are the University of the nation (Umma University), Simad and Abdulrahman Al-Sumait. These universities witnessed the graduation of a number of African ministers, ambassadors, and officials. The second pillar is health projects, where about 300 dispensaries and 4 hospitals have been built, and there are two hospitals under construction, along with the establishment of various surgery camps in a number of African countries, including two camps had been mounted in Djibouti the years 2014/2015. The third pillar which is the provision of potable water where the Society drilled nearly 13,000 shallow and artesian wells and to provide healthy water to residents of the poor and affected villages in all African countries, where the Society operates.

He added that the fourth pillar is the developing of poor families’ income , to make their hand to be upper, not lower, following the words of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him “the upper hand is better than the lower hand”. This can be achieved through supporting small businesses, and providing micro-loans to set up these projects to sustain these families. He explained Direct Aid Society is different than other societies and charities for sponsoring the orphans within their centers, with a number of more than 17 thousand orphans, enlisted in more than 110 educational complexes and providing them with food, clothing, shelter and the latest services and educational activities.

Al-Sumait concluded his explanation, presenting that all submissions offered by Direct Aid Society are in line with its goals and vision of eradicating the scourge of poverty, ignorance and disease in African societies.

In his turn, the head of Soqia Institution in the Society, Nabil Turkait, spoke about the work and projects of the organization in a number of African countries, especially Niger, due to the harsh living circumstances in villages and rural areas, their distance from water sources, the lack of infrastructure, in addition to many challenges facing this country.

For his part, the president of Djibouti’s parliament Mohammad Ali Hamad praised the “Direct Aid” as leader in sensing the suffering of the African people, and quickly come to lend a helping hand and various aid to these people’s, hoping to expand the work of the Society in the Republic of Djibouti and neighboring countries. He also hoped that such works may get the recipe of permanence and continuity, stressing that Djibouti’s parliament is ready to provide all facilities and to enact the necessary legislation to facilitate the establishment of enterprises and charitable projects until people find the benefits of these works, and that will reflect positively in increasing the fan base for these societies and institutions in our country.

For his part, the ambassador Mohammed Ali Mo’men praised the positive and effective role played by the State of Kuwait and some humanitarian organizations and charities in Kuwait, first and foremost, “Direct Aid”. He added that this is not a strange to the State of Kuwait and its Amir His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber, humanitarian work commander, may God protect him.  Especially the Kuwaiti brotherly people accustomed to do good, since the inception of Kuwait. He pointed to the visit of the President of Parliament of his country to Kuwait, which acquires a special importance because of their love and appreciation of Kuwait and its charities. He also pointed to aid, assistance and various projects in a number of countries, especially African countries, and he hoped that Djibouti have a share of them. He expressed his hope that the president of parliament Mohammad Ali Hamad’s visit, may be interpreted to projects and works that may take place in their country in the near future.