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Absheri ya Al-Somal

Funded 9,297,757.66 $
First Phase:
Objective: Collect 300,000 KD
Distribution of 15 thousand food baskets for the relief of 90 thousand beneficiaries for one month

Second Phase:
Objective: Collect 200,000 KD
Development of 8 emergency health centers to provide treatment against incurable diseases
Development of 6 feeding centers for pregnant women & infants to treat malnutrition and to protect the health of women and children and save them from death
Emergency water relief by providing water from the capital Mogadishu and diverting it to the affected villages

Third Phase:
Objective: Collect 500,000 KD
The drilling of large artesian wells in the Somali villages in need to meet their needs in full for at least 10 years