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Orphans Endownment

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The prophet (PBUH) says: “I and the one who takes the responsibility of an orphan will be in Paradise thus, and he joined his middle finger and forefinger” (Albukhari) 


In 2015 the number of orphans in the world was 140 million orphans between the ages of 0 -18 years. Africa alone embraces 52 million orphans, which is more than 35% of the total number of orphans in the world. That is due to wars, conflicts and the continued declining of health services in Africa. 

Benefits of sponsoring an orphan are: 

  • Following the Sunnah of our beloved prophet (PBUH)  
  • Purifying the heart and money 
  • Protecting a soul from negligence  
  • Spreading the value of mercy among the society members  
  • Growing up a helpful person for himself and his community 

Orphan sponsorship projects are considered one of the basic projects of DirectAid, and the number of orphans in DirectAid is more than 22,000 and it is continuously increasing.  

We provide for orphans:  

  • Learning & Educational care (Tuition fees - Intensive courses - Schools books and tools - Transportation) 
  • Healthcare 
  • Cost of living (Food - Clothing - Housing) 
  • Providing different activities (Entertainment - Sport - Cultural activities

 “Your continued contribution improves orphans’ lives so that they can change their poor communities in the future” 


Waqf project aims to sustainable development which is considered as a long-term investment, and its return is spent on predetermined projects. And the waqf remains for you as an ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah) forever”