Sustainability Endowment

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Donation revenue is allocated to ensure the association is able to continue to manage projects and programs that seek to combat ignorance, poverty and disease in poor societies, through the implementation, management and development of construction, health, education and development programs directed to poor communities.

Project Description

The endowment provides the donor with the opportunity to be a partner in the general business of the association, by supporting administrative and operational expenses every year, God willing, participating annually in each achievement and every beneficiary

For example: In 2019, the total number of implemented projects reached 11,578 projects that benefited more than 30 million people

It is necessary to establish a moratorium to achieve a return equal to the value of the operating expenses of the society that was spent on it from the administrative percentage deducted from the value of the donation.

The importance of stopping sustainable development

Direct Aid seeks to announce in the future that the full value of the donation or zakat amounts to 100% to the poor.

Goals to be achieved

Increase productivity and increase the number of beneficiaries from each donation.
Announcing to the donor that the value of the donation reaches 100% to the poor and that no amount or portion of the donation value is deducted under any name.
Significantly reduce the risk to the association when field offices rely on running themselves without the need for any external contributions to operate.