Sustainability Endowment

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The rturn of “Sustainability Waqf” is allocated to ensure the DirectAid’s ability to continue managing its projects and programs in the poor and remote African communities. “Sustainability Waqf” cares about executing and evolving all DirectAid’s projects such as constructional, health, educational and development projects, etc.  


“Sustainability Waqf” gives the donor an opportunity to be a partner in all projects of DirectAid by supporting the administrative and operational expenses each year, and the donor will be a part of each annual achievement. 


DirectAid seeks to announce in the future that the full value of the donation or zakat reaches 100% to the beneficiary. That leads to establishing Waqf to achieve a return equal to the value of the DirectAid’s operation expenses, which is usually spent from the administrative percentage deducted from the donation’s value. 




  • Increasing the productivity and the numbers of beneficiaries from each donation. 
  • Announcing to the donor that the value of the donation reaches 100% to the poor, and there is no any percentage of donation is deducted under any name. 
  • Reducing risks when the representative offices become self-run  


"Your continued contribution helps DirectAid to continue achieving its goals and elevating the poor and remote societies in Africa”   


Waqf project aims to sustainable development which is considered as a long-term investment, and its return is spent on predetermined projects. And the waqf remains for you as an ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah) forever”