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الزكاة والصدقات
الزكاة والصدقات

Famines and Disasters

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• faces more than 20 million people in Somalia, Kenya and Yemen famine or obvious risk over the next six months.

• Priority will be given to provide life-saving assistance in the areas of food and livelihoods, nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene as they represent the key sectors to respond to famine and Prevention.

• In general, humanitarian operations require more than $ 5.6 billion in 2017, including 4.4 billion dollars urgently needed for key sectors to prevent famine. These figures may rise with the continued emergence of crises.

• The Direct Aid Society and continues to implement the many development and relief programs in the various areas affected by drought and the establishment of several food centers in the areas affected by famine point. The Society is studying the humanitarian situation is an early study of the move prior to the occurrence of these disasters, as the Assembly sends several delegations to carry out field visits to areas in which it operates to check on the progress of work there.