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Relief of flood victims in Africa

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Heavy rains hit Sudan and Ethiopia, causing floods that washed away roads and bridges and caused the collapse of hundreds of thousands of homes, and displaced families and lost all their farms and livestock.

Sudan declared a three-month state of emergency in the worst floods to hit the country in decades
In Ethiopia, farms and homes are flooded, and tens of thousands have fled their homes
Disaster monitoring institutions expect devastating rains and floods in Somalia, Benin and Sierra Leone at the end of this month, causing a humanitarian disaster.

Since the start of the floods, Direct Aid has organized a rapid relief intervention to provide food baskets for families, including basic foodstuffs, and to provide non-food relief, which is temporary shelter and blankets for the displaced, facilitating them to overcome the difficulty of living after losing all their possessions, and mitigating the effects of disease and malnutrition due to lack of food.

Affected countries: Sudan - Somalia - Ethiopia - Benin - Sierra Leone - Mauritania - Senegal