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Yemen Relief

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Health and diet in Yemen is facing a collapse in many areas because of the security situation in the country, which led to a severe worsening of the humanitarian emergency widespread and increased human rights violations to a large extent, it was Yemen faces huge levels of humanitarian needs, and the result of these needs for years poverty and lack of development, environmental degradation, and the number of people needing humanitarian assistance in Carthyn while real GDP per capita, which was the lowest in the Arab world declined, which put pressure on the adjustment mechanisms in vulnerable communities.

Yemen is the population of 25.2 million people, has over the past period, through which the country is food insecure and that reaches the limits of 14.4 million Yemeni in dire need of food happened was more than 19.4 million people lack access to clean water and sanitation services and 9.8 million suffer from executions the ability to obtain safe and clean water, and nearly 14.1 million people lack access to health care, and remained nearly three million people displaced as a result of local disputes.

It summarized the UN and international reports to the tragic result refers to the collapse of the health system and the difficulty to restore it in the near future, which will lead to further aggravation of the health devolves unless the provision of necessary medical assistance to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people in the affected various governorates of Yemen areas and that calls emergency humanitarian response in helping the health and diet in Yemen and the reduction of its collapse through the provision of health, medical and therapeutic, psychological and social services in order to save the lives of the Yemeni people.

The reasons for intervention
Prevalence of malnutrition.
The spread of cholera, malaria and typhoid.
Lack of clean water sources.
Lack of food for families that fall below the poverty line and displaced.
Lack of income sources.