Umma University

98.46 $
country  Kenya

Target: :
implementing the 2nd phase of the University building.

Vision: :
The University becomes a center of excellence and a platform for knowledge in Kenya and the surrounding areas, which contributes in the improvement and development of quality of life and human civilization.

Mission: :
To provide good and effective university education through teaching, research and social services to create a generation of leaders and scientists with high competence and moral values.

Objectives: :
Support the Islamic culture and religious education in the region. Thus, providing the community with scientific cadre and leaders that contributes in the development and improvement of educational and social level.

The total cost of the second phase: :
4 million Kuwaiti Dinars

Duration of implementation: :
Three years

You can contribute in any amount.:

About the University: :
The opening of the University new building in " Kajiado " province was in 2014, which includes a modern lecture halls and residence for staff and students and administrative building, as well as a large library that accommodate 500 students and up to 10 thousand scientific reference books in Arabic and English languages. The Library also has computers equipped with Internet connections and a digital library that contain millions of books, magazines and digital resources, which covers a variety of topics available to students within the Campus (in Kajiado and Thika) or via the University web portal.

Umma University “ University of the nation” is one of the first universities established and funded by Arabic charitable organization in Africa. The University graduates annually join the judiciary, education, and banking sectors and other prestigious careers in the state. In 2013, 13 out of 20 graduate judges were selected from the University.

Disciplines: :
the University offers four undergraduate degrees:

1. Bachelor in Business Administration
2. Bachelor in Computer
3. Bachelor in Arts and Islamic Studies
4. Bachelor in Sharia and Law

And the University is working on opening other disciplines, including College of Nursing and Education and so on.
The University also offers Diploma degree in Islamic banking and finance, Arabic language, English, Islamic Studies, Business Administration, Information and Communication Technology ICT).

Countries benefiting from the university: :
In addition to Kenya, Several neighboring countries benefits from the University services including Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan and other countries.
Fatwa: To view and download a fatwa for the Umma Porject.. Please Cilck Here