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Directaid  Hajj 1


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You can contribute any amount for Hajj to ensure the expenses of sending a number of Muslims to perform the Hajj. Note that the total cost starts from KWD 1200 to 1500 subject to the country destination ( maybe the price will vary ). Since many years Sultan’s Pilgrimage program has been carried out as we have sent the leaders of community to perform the Hajj based on Sharia tradition saying that their worship or hajj performance is the most beneficial for others. This means that they may inspire or increase the guidance of those who are guided and show them the way to the Straight Path or Islam. Many of the Pilgrims who were sent by us to perform hajj were able to positively affect their communities. For us, hajj is simply a journey of faith, while our brothers in Africa consider hajj as a life-changing experience. When sultan returns from Mecca, which is honored by Allah, he starts talking about the stories of hajj (where pilgrims carry back home the lesson of the equality and brotherhood of Muslims), which in turn may encourage others to convert to Islam. We have seen many pilgrims who helped others to convert to Islam after being highly-impressed by them. Let us talk today about some of those whose lives are completely changed after performing the Hajj.

ما هي قيمة كفالة حاج أفريقي ؟
كيف يتم اختيار الحجاج وعلى أي أساس ؟
هل يمكن المساهمة في كفالة حاج ؟
ما هو وقف كفالة الحاج؟
متى ترسلون تقرير عن الحاج ؟