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Waqf Arafah - #best_days

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Importance of the project:
The Waqf is a continuity of charity work, a continuation of service to the needy, development of poor societies, and growth of charitable work
God Almighty established the Waqf and delegated it and made it close to the closeness with which it draws; In the hadith that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Whatever follows the believer from his work and good deeds, after his death, is a note of his publication, and a good son he left, a Quran he inherited, a mosque he built, or a house for Ibn Al-Sabeel he built, or a river he made, or charity that he brought out from His wealth in his health and life, he will follow after his death »[Narrated by Ibn Majah and classed as Hasan by al-Albani].

Project Description:
With you on this virtuous day, "The Greatest Days of the Year", we participate in 20 different Waqfs, the proceeds of which are spent on 20 banks of good

Waqf the ongoing charity
Waqf sustainability
The Holy Quran Waqf
Educational Waqf
Waqf the mosques
The health Waqf
Waqf orphans
Waqf digging wells
Aoun Waqf them
Waqf enriching them with the question
Waqf the eyes
Waqf the draft lawsuit
Sacrifice Waqf
Waqf fasting iftar
Waqf sponsoring pilgrims
Waqf sponsoring the preacher
Waqf the centres
Waqf the water
Waqf relief
Waqf printing the Koran