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Night 25 - Establish schools

Target 774,810.42 $
Remain 0 $
Funded 854,437.85 $

The areas where the Direct Aid Society works are still in urgent need of building schools within the centres for orphans and children in the area to keep orphans inside the centre
: God willing, two schools will be created as follows:

A middle school In the State of Benin consisting of a ground floor and a first class consisting of 6 classrooms: a teachers' hall, a laboratory, management, an information hall, a library, a store,
First Floor Roof: Kirby, Roof Floor: Concrete, Flooring: Ceramics

Secondary school In the State of Ghana consists of the ground floor, first and second, consisting of 6 classrooms, 4 labs, library, 5 management offices, a manager's office with a meeting room, toilets
Second Floor Roof: Kirby, Ground Floor and First Floor: Concrete, Flooring: Ceramics