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Night 27 - Eye Camps

Funded 1,683,890 KD
Cataract disease (cataract) causing blindness is spreading in the Horn of Africa, and it is a treatable disease for a small amount, which drives the association to establish eye camps, in many areas in need continuously, because of its impact on changing the lives of the individual, from a person who is unable to Work, to someone who is able to work, provide for his family and develop his community.

Also, during the camp, vision is corrected with medical glasses, and appropriate treatment is provided for each case, by medical staff with long experience in treatment, examination, and operations.
According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there are more than 35 million blind people in the world, and a person gets blinded every 5 seconds, and a child gets blinded every 60 seconds, knowing that the value of performing the operation per person costs 40 Kuwaiti dinars and takes 15 minutes.

Direct Aid Society provides free treatment for people with blindness, and thousands of people benefit from this camp by examination