Donations: 6948

10 × 10 Jun 2019

Target AED2,399,808
Funded AED2,627,142
Remain AED0

Project 10 × 10
One step contributes to 10 different projects and brings your Goodness to every place
Development projects, educational, relief, health, construction and others
It receives a report for each project upon completion of the implementation

You have contributed your generous donation to ten projects:

  1. Large artesian well
  2. House for new converts
  3. University of the Nation - Faculty of Humanities - Teaching Department
  4. Vaccination campaigns for villages
  5. Professional training courses
  6. Uniform for primary schools
  7. Books and curricula for primary schools
  8. Illustrations for primary schools
  9. Rehabilitation of medical cadres
  10. Women's advocacy forums