Donations: 17203

10 × 10 October 2020

Target 300,000 KD
Funded 307,860 KD
Remain 0 KD

Project 10 × 10
One step contributes to 10 different projects and brings your Goodness to every place
Development projects, educational, relief, health, construction and others
It receives a report for each project upon completion of the implementation

You have contributed your generous donation to the following projects:

  1. A large artesian well
  2. Education grants for university students
  3. Sports fields for orphans
  4. Urgent relief
  5. Elementary school student activity and life skills
  6. A professional institute for training auto mechanics for graduating orphans
  7. New classrooms for the University of Morogoro
  8. Development of the technological infrastructure of library laboratories - Simed University
  9. Medical convoys for Somalia
  10. Help to empower poor families