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Al-Tamyez Orphan Center

Target 45,540 KD
Funded 45,536 KD
Remain 4 KD
Country :
Project Type:
دار أيتام
Project No.:
The importance of the project is to raise orphans properly educated by placing them under the care and attention to them so that they will be active in the community in the future and keep the boundaries of their Islamic religion, and to provide the necessary services from health education and other than the provision of dormitories for orphans in the center to accommodate the increasing numbers of orphans kitchen and dining hall and for the center's orphans

Project Description

An orphan is :
Ground floor contains orphans restaurant - 220 sq.m.
An upper floor consisting of 3 orphan dormitories with an area of 220 m 2

The Arab Forum is made of concrete, floors are made of ceramics, and the furniture includes tables and chairs for the restaurant

The Image is an example of the project . It does not matched in necessary.
Assembly included in the absence of the establishment of the project for any reason, the establishment of the same project in another country.