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Developing a Quranic school

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قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم (ما اجتمع قوم في بيت من بيوت الله يتلون كتاب الله ويتدارسونه فيما بينهم إلا نزلت عليهم السكينة وغشيتهم الرحمة وحفتهم الملائكة وذكرهم الله فيمن عنده)(صحيح مسلم)


 The project about developing 4 Quran Schools in Zanaibar .Adoption of a specific number of Qur’anic schools as a priority for the same internal housing .. and support it with the following: (nutrition - the Koran - books - furniture - competitions) ..and the Qur'anic schools mean their various names in countries such as cellular and prohibited ... etc.