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Awareness Forums for Teaching Muslims

Target 5,117 KD
Funded 5,099 KD
Remain 18 KD
Country :
رواندا - الصومال - مدغشقر - جزر القمر - السودان - غامبيا - زامبيا - اوغندا - غينيا - زنجبار - زمبابوي - بوركينافاسو
Project Type:
Awareness Forum

Project Specifications

450 Beneficiary in different countries
Forums held for the purpose of awareness in various Sharia sciences and understanding them to spread Islam

Project Description

A group of 12 legal awareness forums to teach Sharia and Islamic sciences and jurisprudence and to spread awareness of the Islamic
religion and the correct teachings. A Muslim is aware of his religion and its worldly matters
These forums are held in a large mosque in the city and, if possible, in one of the mosques of the Direct Aid Society in various
African countries for this project

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