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Aid for Economic Empowerment 11

Target 10,000 KD
Funded 10,004 KD
Remain 0 KD
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Project Specifications


Small income-generating economic (commercial, service, industrial) development projects implemented in the form of a project for each family

Project Description 

The project consolidates the work culture, which positively affects the health and educational level of family members through the presence of a stable income for them. The project gives support to women and connects them with small groups of beneficiaries ranging from (3-5) women to support each other in the success of each employer project.


• Empowering women and supporting their role in the family and society.
• Raising the economic level, creating self-employment opportunities for women, and reducing poverty and unemployment.
• Encouraging the spirit of integration and solidarity among members of society.

The number of beneficiaries ranges between 65-75 families

Importance :
Contribute to the rehabilitation of people with low incomes from families and improve their living conditions by presenting a development project according to its beneficiary experience and the nature of the region, while providing the necessary training for the project owner to manage the project.