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Microfinance Loan

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Microfinance Loan project
Vision :
Our vision is to reach leadership in the continued developmental works’ field through the lesser Arabic and regional funding.

Mission :
Our mission is to raise the economic level of the poorest regions.

Objectives :
Enabling women and supporting their role in the family and society. Improving the economic level, creating self-employment opportunities for women and limiting the rates of unemployment and poverty. Encouraging the spirit of collaboration and integration between members of the society.

About the project :
It is an economic social developmental project that is based on the minimum funding principal. It provides loans to women without the need to resort to the traditional guarantees to fund small income-producing projects. The project emphisaizes work culture, which can positively effect the sanitary and educational level of the family members through providing them with a stable income.
The project provides loans for little groups of (3-5) women. The projects are the following: Services projects, such as drawing on cloths, babysitting, and working in the children game room; commercial projects, such as, selling furniture, foodstuff, and household items; industrial projects, such as making sweets, producing milk products, and waving curtains.

Fatwa: To view and download a fatwa for the Microfinance Loan Porject.. Please Cilck Here