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Directaid  Night 25 - Development projects for Orphans 1
Directaid  Night 25 - Development projects for Orphans 1

Night 25 - Development projects for Orphans

Target 102,000 KD
Remain 0 KD
Funded 104,919 KD

Project Specifications

Country :
600 orphans
three orphans centers

Project Type:
Development projects in favor of orphans so that they will be in 3 orphanages in Benin for 600 orphans
Project Description:
 . Provide orphans with self-sufficiency of all food needs.
 . The project includes a farm of calves and cows that cover the needs of orphans of meat and milk.
 . Provide a farm area of ​​50 thousand square meters containing vegetables and fruit trees.
 . Provide a fish breeding farm.
 . Providing the poultry project for carnivores and Albayada.
 . Provide a general store for production storage.
 . Drilling a deep solar-powered artesian well including reservoir and extension of the farm distillation system.
 . After ascertaining the self-sufficiency of the orphans. The surplus products will be sold in the market and the proceeds will be returned to the orphans services and the center's programs.
The importance of the project:
The role of orphans in our centers is of great importance. It is the most important means of preserving the orphans to educate them and lift them out of poverty, ignorance and disease. In addition to this, instilling the spirit of faith in him becomes an active member of the community, benefiting his religion and country.