Stop their destitution in Benin

Target 2,455 KD
Funded 1,828 KD
Remain 627 KD
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Stop Destitution
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50 persons benefits from Fish Boats

Allah SWT says: “….the ignorant man thinks, because of their modesty, that they are free from want…..” (Albaqara:273) 


As a result of the continuous investigation that conducts by our team in the poor and remote communities in Africa searching for the needy cases, we always reach families that suffer from extreme poverty.  


In DirectaAid, we support the needy families with small sustainable projects which differ based on the needs of the area surrounding the supported poor family. Our team guide them to manage their projects properly and sustainably so that gradually they can be self-reliant. 


“Your continued contribution improves the poor families’ lives in Africa by sustaining their income”