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Educational scholarships for Ghana Female Students

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School Student Guarantee

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20 Students

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Half of the global out-of-school children of primary and lower secondary school age are from Africa, and they total about 60 million African children. Secondary and university education, secondary school, secondary school, high school, high school, high school, high school,and one child out of 10 children receive higher education. Therefore, Direct Aid considers that the advancement of academic education for males and females is a major aspect of the advancement of the village community and developing cities in Africa, and this is achieved when the people of those poor regions possess knowledge and science that is a contribution to development and progress and overcoming difficulties and problems. Plaguing their societies
Project Description

Contribution by sponsoring the tuition fees for a 20 Female students in Ghana country that in the elementary, preparatory or secondary stage and covering his living expenses : transportation - housing - feeding, subsistence, etc to pursue their education in which direct aid operates, where students are chosen from less fortunate families who are unable to provide education to their children, after submitting the guarantee, the student continues to complete the educational achievement and the continuity of the guarantee is related to the efficiency of his academic achievement and commitment to learning

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