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Student / Sumaya Abbas Moalem Ali

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جامعة نيروبي
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جامعية-السنة الثانية
الطب العام

Only one out of ten students get to higher education level in Africa, while in other development countries three out of ten students get to higher education level, Which reflects the continuous declining of higher education in Africa Such declining ends up with lack of the qualified human capital in many African countries.

Direct Aid aims to uplift higher education in Africa in order to contribute in solving many problems such as unemployment, illiteracy and poverty alleviation through providing students sponsorships for applied bachelors and postgraduate students.  By your contribution, DirectAid can covers full living cost such as:

- Transportation

- Accommodation

- Student supplies such as: books – devices -  research papers .. etc


"With DirectAid's donors Contribution, DirectAid will continue to graduate qualified university youth who are able to advance and develop their comunity"


Note: The picture does not reflect the sponsored students