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Female students accommodation at the Ummah University

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سكن طالبات
The Umma University Thika campus is of historical, economic and academic importance to Umma University, as there was the starting point for establishing the first campus of Ummah University.

Thika campus is located in a densely populated residential neighborhood in Kyambo County, and has many facilities such as mosque, classrooms, staff quarters, general office building, male student hostel, multipurpose hall, library, indoor games hall, shop, soccer field, parking lots and open gardens.

The campus requires renovations because some facilities are old, worn out, and require renovation. Where it is proposed to renovate the unused buildings on the campus of Thika for the students' housing use. Once the proposed project is completed, the female students will be transferred to the renovated buildings which will be safer, and the students will be able to access the canteen, library and other services more easily, comfortably and safely. The female hostel is currently located outside the campus complex in an unsafe rental facility in emergency situations such as a fire outbreak. The rental facility has not been built for the purpose of student housing, and therefore does not comply with the Kenya Higher Education Authority guidelines and standards for student security and safety. The implementation of the project will create a safe and comfortable living area for both male and female students. This will increase student satisfaction, attract them, and retain more female students, which will have a positive impact on the academic environment and the quality of student education.

The expected results and outputs of the project: • Establishing a residential space for about 150 female students. • Providing a dining hall and toilets for the students to use. • Renovating five old buildings, and providing parking for the use of the administrative building. Improving the student life of female students in Thika, and enhancing the reputation of the Bthika campus and the University of the nation in general. Improve safety and security for students, and take advantage of facilities that are not currently operational. • Compliance with authority guidelines