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Umma University

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Our vision
To make the University a center of excellence and a platform for knowledge and creativity in the Horn of Africa.

Our mission
To provide distinguished and effective high education to create a generation of highly qualified leaders and scientists.

Our objectives
The University of Ummah aims to provide the community with leading scientific Islamic cadres with a focus on the overall development of individual talents, moral integrity, hard work and competitiveness to encourage excellence in all areas of life.

About the University
It is located in Kenya, Kigyado province, the first Islamic university founded and funded by an Arab charity in Kenya and recognized by the Kenyan government. It was established in 1997 by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait, may Allah have mercy on him. In 2013, the university received recognition from the Higher Education Committee as the first private Islamic university among 76 universities.

The first phase
Includes a modern lecture halls, staff accommodation, a student dormitory, an administration building, a large library contains 10,000 books and references in both Arabic and English for 500 students and a digital library contains millions of books, magazines and digital resources covering various subjects available for students within the College in its two branches (Kigyado) and (Thika) or through the University portal (

The second phase
The university covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, which includs the construction of many facilities from lecture halls, laboratories, showrooms, banquet hall, water fountains, playgrounds, faculty dormitories and the use of solar energy in the university lighting, at a total cost of KWD 4 million.

Degrees: The University offers a bachelor's degree in the following:
• Bachelor of Business Administration.
• Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies.
• Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Law.
• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Promotion and Direct Entry).
• Bachelor of Law and Sharia - soon.

The University also offers diploma programs in the following:
• Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance.
• Diploma in Islamic Studies.
• Diploma in Arabic Language.
• Diploma in Business Administration.
• Diploma in Information and Communication Technology.

The University also offers certification programs in Information Technology, Business Administration, Arabic and English Languages.

The University also offers Master's Degree in Islamic Studies as its first postgraduate program.

Our achievements
Graduates of the university are enrolled annually in the judiciary, education, banking and other prestigious positions in the country. In the same year, 13 judges from the University of Ummah were selected out of 20 judges in Kenya.