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Aoun and healthy Atta'a project 4

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Funded 3,198 KD
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Vaccination campaign

Project Specifications

through 7 campiegin - more than1000 mother and child
Targeting the children of poor villages, the campaign achieves the goal of the society to combat the spread of epidemics and 
diseases that cause health deficit, so that each child is an active member of building a healthy society capable of achieving
development Project Description The donation is dedicated to financing vaccination campaigns for children and mothers to protect them against various epidemic diseases and give them the anti-vaccine to reduce the spread of diseases and prevent them, in addition to raising awareness of the methods of prevention (Covid-19), which is known as Corona and the distribution of sterilizers and masks during the implementation ofthe campaign to prevent the spread of disease, with Prioritize areas not targeted by the government or other organizations and "beidentical to the campaign program"


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