Donations: 1986

Benin Medical Clinic

Target 27,390 KD
Funded 27,390 KD
Remain 0 KD
Project Type: Building Clinics
The construction of three clinics in Madagascar and two in Mauritania
Specifications of the project in Madagascar: The clinic consists of two floors with an area of ​​296m2 with a large yard, a wall and a guard room with a private entrance on the main street, the roof of the ground floor of the concrete and the roof of the first floor of the Kirby, Flooring: Ceramics

Specifications of the project in Mauritania: The clinic with an area of ​​150 m 2 and consists of a doctor's room for detection and examination + pharmacy + store + large waiting hall + two delivery rooms + supply clinic solar card + room services: concrete roof:
The Importance : Muslims represent a large percentage of the population and most of the villages suffer from poverty and lack of health services, which are almost non-existent, so they are in dire need of dispensaries to serve patients and care and provide them with medical care

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