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Health convoy

Project Specifications

sick people 500
Africa is consider the lowest in the world in terms of the size of the medical staff, as there are 1.3 doctors per 1000 people, while
it is assumed that 4.5 doctors will be available for every 1000 people, according to the sustainable development goals. Their essential
health needs, so p
roviding medical and therapeutic care and spreading health awareness to the population of remote areas of health services
to the borders of the spread of diseases and chronic epidemics through establishing 10 medical caravans in Tunis Country.

Project Description

Medical convoys include the medical examinations and diagnostics necessary to treat and control diseases and epidemics spread in those 
remote areas, in addition to working to fill the deficit in some specialties in health centers while providing free medicine to all
needy patients, and the convoys also include awareness lectures to prevent diseases and epidemics