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Developing Alzikr Alhakim Quranic School 2

Target 4,092 KD
Funded 4,093 KD
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Sierra Leone
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Developing a Quranic school
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Project Specifications


 The prophet PBUH said: “Whoever taught a single Quranic verse they will be rewarded whenever the verse is recited

  • Many poor families in Africa especially new Muslim families are in need for teaching their children the Holy Quran to make sure firstly their children's prayers (Salat) are correctly performed. As well as, they can get to know the beautiful meaning of the Quranic verses to have a reflection on their life.
  • The school is developed with:
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Qur'an Books 
  • Islamic Books
  • Making Qur'an competitions 


With DirectAid’s donors contribution and encouraging their friends and relatives to share goodness, that would help us to  develop further Quranic schools".