Kigoma's masjid

Target 61,000 KD
Funded 61,570 KD
Remain 0 KD
Country Tanzania

Space OF Project 400 square meters

Specifications :
Mosque consists of two floors, ground floor prayer room for men and the second-floor prayer room for women with water and Moadi sessions, in addition to furnishing the mosque. Absorptive capacity of the mosque 560 worshipers.

Importance of the project :
Some areas in Tanzania is poor and this village in particular the percentage of Muslims in large and do not have a mosque performing the religious rites and Friday prayers in addition to the site within an Islamic center follows the Assembly, and will serve the mosque employees at the center, orphans and students as well as residents of the village.

The Image is an example of the project . It does not matched in necessary.
Assembly included in the absence of the establishment of the project for any reason, the establishment of the same project in another country.