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Rawdat Aljannah Masjid

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Funded 8,128 KD
Remain 24,608 KD
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“The Masjid has goodness and guidance for individual and society” 

One of the first actions that the prophet PBUH undertook upon his arrival to Madinah was building Masjid, because it is considered as the most comfortable and educational place for the Muslim community, and from it all good deeds begin 

Muslims in poor and remote societies in Africa are in need to build Masajid for performing the five daily prayers, lessons of beneficial knowledge, Qur’an memorization circles, and other Da’wah activities. 

Masjid is the most active place in poor African villages where it provides awareness, cultural and social events, such as marriage, solace and solving problems and conflicts among people. The Masjid also receives new converted Muslims and they can learn everything in it. 

The Masjid contains: 

  • Concrete/Kirby ceiling 
  • Ceramic/ Concrete floor  
  • Loudspeaker  
  • Full furniture  
  • Toilets 

“Your continued contribution helps in building more Masajid to cover all the poor and remote areas in Africa”