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Tamim bin Asaid Khuzaie Quranic School

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Funded 15,411 KD
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Quran School
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Project Specifications

For a project of great importance, as the people are in dire need of a school in order to teach their children the Holy Quran, in order for their prayers to be correct and Islam spread in the region

House of Quran memorization, distinguished as a comprehensive center for internal housing for the Hafiz to produce masters of the Qur’an, through an intensive program for memorizing and studying the sciences of the Holy Qur’an, run by competent preachers and sheikhs
It provides them with their living needs so that they can devote themselves during the memorization period to study the Qur’an and its sciences


Project Description

It consists of 3 classrooms and an office for the administration, and contains toilets with an area of ​​140 square meters, the roof of the school consists of a kirky, and the school contains furniture such as: benches, and the floors are made of ceramic Note: The cost: Comprehensive


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