Orphanage Al-Sufwa Center - Kramurizi

Target 77,213.11 $
Funded 77,311.48 $
Country  Rwanda

Project Type Orphanage

Specifications :
Orphanage of 3 rooms are on the first floor, the room is 56 square meters. In addition to the six toilets.

Beneficiaries 48 orphans

Importance of the project :
The importance of the project in the education of the proper education of orphans by placing them under the care and attention to them so that they are active in the community in the future and to memorize the borders of the Islamic religion, and provide all the necessary education, health and other services..

The Image is an example of the project . It does not matched in necessary.
Assembly included in the absence of the establishment of the project for any reason, the establishment of the same project in another country.