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Arafa Hospital

Target 2,250,000 KD
Funded 2,250,000 KD
Remain 0 KD
Phase 1: Arafa Hospital - Tanzania

The idea of ​​establishing the hospital: It came from what the staff of the current dispensary see from the refusal of patients who are transferred to large hospitals to go to hospitals because of their distance and because of long queues. We have encountered cases in which mothers cry when we write them a transfer paper to a higher level because there is no service in the clinic.

Reasons for thinking about establishing a hospital: What doctors see when they leave the clinic in the free medical convoys to the villages, the cases of embarrassment need treatment in large hospitals.

Arafa Hospital Coast: KD 1,750,000 .

Location: Tanzania

Hospital specifications:

• The hospital consists of 5 floors with a total area of ​​7,199 square meters
• It includes on-site departments for all specialties including:
Department of Radiology and Ultrasound, Laboratory, CT, Department of Maternal and Child Welfare, Operations Ward for Obstetrics and Gynecology, General Surgery Wing, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Dentistry.
• Rooms for patients and patients with a capacity of 50 beds.

• There is a scarcity of resources and geographical distribution of health services in Tanzania.
• A large segment of the population on the outskirts of the capital lacks adequate health services, and residents travel far distances to seek treatment in hospitals
• Few government hospitals in Tanzania face significant pressure and there are long queues for medical and surgical services.
• Contribute to the provision of health services at the level of hospitals in the region, where there is no hospital in this region.

Phase II: Equipping the Oyoun-Chad Hospital

Processing Coast: KD 1 million.

Location: Chad Hospital - State of Chad - Capital N'Djamena

Project specification:

• The hospital specializes in ophthalmology and is a training center for various eye specialties
• Contains 60-bed patients
Equipment will include:
 Surgical Instruments, Emergency Respiratory System, Refractometer, Cryosurgery, Thermo Crystallizer, Lung Enlarger & Ventilator, Ophthalmic Instruments for all specialties Ophthalmology, Operating Table, Other Surgical Instruments.
 Clinics such as: Comprehensive eye clinic and eye clinic for children.
 Devices such as: ophthalmic devices, eye-light detectors, eye-field devices, sound waves, and measurement and measurement of retina and eye nerve.
Central sterilization devices such as plasma sterilizer and autoclave flash.
 Public health and assistance devices such as: oxygen station, network and waste treatment plant
 Medical furniture and office furniture.