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Night 22 - Managing Feeding Centers

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1. Purpose of the project:
The Direct Aid Society aims to contribute to the treatment of malnutrition for 36,000 children and mothers suffering from malnutrition. Providing 26.3 million meals to treat affected children and mothers who are still undernourished

2. Types of food served:
State of Mauritania: Sugar - flour - dried milk - oil - macaroni - salt - rice - meat - vegetables
Mali: Corn - Millet - Oil - Sugar - Milk
State of Niger: all kinds of vegetables - meat - milk powder - biscuits - millet - beans - flour - peanut flour - sugar - oil

3. Malnutrition statistics in Africa.
International reports have confirmed that some 224 million African people are malnourished across Africa, while climate change and conflict are increasing food insecurity across the continent, especially with the continent's population expected to reach about 1.7 billion in 2030. The number of undernourished people increased from 21% to 23% and the number of people affected by malnutrition increased from 200 million to 224 million in Africa. The increase in malnutrition and food insecurity is associated with climate change Disasters such as floods and drought
As a result, the Direct Aid Society has provided feeding centres for children, nursing mothers and pregnant women in the most affected African regions, including many diseases, especially among children, women and the elderly who suffer from malaria, tuberculosis, anaemia and immunodeficiency due to malnutrition.

Note: The components of the food basket or meals were chosen according to the cultures of these countries and acceptable to the beneficiaries of children and mothers.